Athlete Spotlight: Dave B.

What made you choose CrossFit True?

Friend and neighbor Coach Sarah talked me into it. 

How long have you been training with us?

1 year 8 months 

What has been your proudest moment in the past 90 days?

Did my first competition! Had a great team and a ton of support from the gym. It was a great experience and it really pushed me to work harder. 

When your not at the gym, what do you do for work? What do you do for fun? 

I’m a Cardiac Cath Lab Radiology Tech. When I’m not at work or the gym I try to get up to Vermont as much as possible. 

How is your nutrition? How has it changed since joining CrossFit True?

It’s actually not too bad. I eat whatever I can but I cut back on the fast food. 

What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises? 

Muscle up/pull up

Power clean 

Back/front squat 

What is your favorite style workout? (AMRAP, EMOM, Rounds for Time, etc)


What about your favorite workout?

Anything that’s not conditioning 

Any favorite workout songs?

No, I don’t pay attention 

Have you changed physically or mentally since you’ve been working out with us?

Absolutely. I put on weight and toned up a bit. Also, it’s the first time having little quads. 

Mentally, I’ve learned to keep looking forward. As soon as I get into my head my work out is over. 

What are your current goals?

Just being consistent and progressing. Working on mobility and Pushing myself to lift heavier. 

How have your goals changed since you joined?

My goals have changed drastically. I knew nothing about CrossFit when I started. My goal was to actually do a work out properly. It took a long time but it’s a great feeling to be where I am now and know that I can improve. 

What has been the biggest surprise since joining CF True?

How supportive everyone is and having a team atmosphere. No matter what level you’re on, you’ll always feel comfortable. Everyone is willing to help you. My first work out was tough but Moe and Marc ran with me until I finished even though they were already done. That shows a lot about how supportive everyone is. 

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before joining?


Say something else, Anything!

I’m happy to be apart of CrossFit True. I’ve made friends and feel apart of the Team. I’m excited to see what I can accomplish in the future.