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September Challenge

Move More…that is the goal in September.

This is YOUR challenge, so make it the best for you. To begin thinking about what goal you want to set, first know that September has 30 days.

From there would you rather walk or run?

and finally what is more convenient for you to track? Total distance (miles) or time?

If you did our spring challenge you can look back, how did the challenge go? How can you readjust your goal?

No matter how big or small your goal is, just get out there and get moving.

(did you know that the average person burns 100 calories running a mile)

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1:00 PM13:00

CF TRUE Picnic

We are getting together to celebrate all our awesomeness!

After the final day of the TRUE Games we will have a BBQ at Moe’s House in North Haven.

We have a park right across the street to play lots of games. If its hot bring a towel and we will set up a sprinkler and run around like kids.

Bring the family along too!

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8:00 AM08:00

Beach Day

Beach Day @ Misquamicut RI

Plan to be at the beach by 8am ( you need to leave early to avoid traffic and get a spot.

We go to Jim’s Beach (347 Atlantic Ave, Misquamicut RI 02891)

it is a private beach where you park right next to the beach. There are also bathrooms…its amazing! But to get a spot you need to be there early.

Carpooling is recommended as there is a fee to park and be on the beach.

We will bring a bunch of food (there will be a sheet on the white board so we don’t end up with 27 watermelons)

*Gym is CLOSED on this day

**If it happens to be a rainy day we will postpone beach day to the following Sunday Aug 4th

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9:00 AM09:00


Memorial Day “Murph”

1-class only at 9am

As tradition holds we will be completing the Hero WOD “Murph”

1 mile run-100 pull ups-200 Push ups-300 Squats-1 mile run

*alternative date if you cannot attend on Monday is Saturday May 25th @ 7am

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